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  • Naoto Shirogane -

    Naoto is a female. Confirmed in all P4 things. I am an engaged woman. Thanks for the guestbook, fellow Bro.

  • GenisSage -

  • GenisSage -

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      omgwtf bredcrumz

  • Kahisys -

    Miss ya' man. Hope you're alright. c:

  • Sharky -


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  • AmazingLord -

    happy birthday harry :3

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      Thanks man! Twas a good Christmas on PDP.net.

  • peachvomit -

    Happy Birthday! :3

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      =))))) Thank you so much!! You're the first! (My family sucks, they always forget my bday is on xmas).

  • Dandy Dragon -

    #SWAG #YOLO #360N0SC0PE

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      I am not worthy of the yolo.

  • James Summers -

    not all of the broarmy are friendly

    1 reason i am no longer a part of it

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      Saying that doesn't help anyone, especially me. If you have a problem with anything I or someone else said you should tell us exactly what that problem was.

      I have no problem helping you or anyone else here with their problems. I consider myself a very friendly person. What you said hurts me, and if that was your intention I feel sorry for you.

  • Aiden the Misfit -

    Are you a trek fan!?

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      Lol of course! I've probably watched every TNG episode. The original was awesome too, but Patrick Stewert is my original idol, by far.

  • Sharky -

    Why not upload the file on mediafire and email the link to me?

    Soundcloud doesn't seem to be working for me right now.