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  • RebantaLSharma -

    Hey Felix/PewDiePie
    I have been watching your videos for 4 years....... Your videos are awesome.... Please don't stop it......(Brofist)

  • GetOffMyLawn -

    PLEeeeease verify me pls I am GetOffMyLawn in Tuber PLEASEEEEEE If u r reading this i know ur probably going "Oh another annoying vrification kid" and ur right. pls give me verifs I WILL SUB4SUB

  • Jan G -

    That Subcount. I can happily rest in piece now. Thanks Senpai

  • iPoops -

    Are you the real pewdiepie????

    • GetOffMyLawn -

      he is. his channel has a vid of him reviewing contest entries.

  • HeavyMetalVixxen -

    Hi Pewdiepie I am new and have been binge watching your videos all week. I've subbed to YouTube red just to watch scare Pewdiepie and it's brilliant. Thank you for cheering me up ☺☺☺☺☺

  • LokiL -

    You're awesome ! ♡

  • SeaneyBoy0123 -

    Hi Felix :)

  • wrqwasdq243124312 -

    Hi father, lord of the bro.

  • IceGrenade -

    Hey Felix, It's Ice on YT... I also run a new channel and it's going well It's a shame you're under attack from the media through misrepresentation... I have had the same level of drama in life and so I know what you're dealing with. You do well to shake it off. Stay strong my dude.

    Remember the only opinions you should ever take to heart is your own and those who love you. You could check out the custom maps I've made for black ops 3 zombies if you like that sort of thing. I've been working flat out to get this channel up and running. It's going well and I'm sure it will be great in not long. You're an inspiration to me. Hope you are forever on top. Thanks for all the joy you've given me with your antics over the years ^^ You're funny guy. IceGrenade. This link is for Felix... Everyone else please just ignore XD Adios

  • i3lackrain -


  • konradrosinski42 -

  • Connor Lee Mellors -

    Hey poods, you should really check out the 'days gone' game...I think you'll enjoy it. All the best poods. #brofist

  • yoloswagia -

    if pewds was iron man

  • mario the_retard -

    hi :3

  • kokedesigner -

    is there any photoshop competition

  • starspangledman -

    Hi, I'm Sea lord , i am 11 yrs old and if you see me typing make a video about this #photo shop "bring me the jedi"

  • CheesierPasta -


  • Pacman -

    Hey pewdiepie cutie pie, how the hell do I post a pick of my hilarious ass room !!

  • TheMonsterMustache -

    Made a pewdiepie and marzia animation, plz check it out homie

  • Veronica-Draws -

    Hey Pewdie
    I was trying to upload art here but something can't loading
    it takes soo long!

  • Lovro -

    Add me in the game -> Lovro
    Be sure to tell me on my wall if you added me so I can add you back!
    Paece ladies and geantlmn :)

  • drawingqueen160 -

    Hey Pewds, your my hero!!!!!!

  • HCchicken -

    Hey Pewds I'm sorry if I am nagging you but could you help me with something in the help section? It's about the new game tuber simulator.

  • CactusInABucket -

    Add me CactusInABucket

  • CactusInABucket -

    How do I post a pic

  • Tetamo -

    when is the next competition coming pewds, i already have a setup that is going to make you shit bricks

  • Egank9 -

    How do you post a pick


    Pewds plss add me
    I'm your ultimate fan----------> TERRIBLECLOWN

  • ScarletNeon -

    Hi :D

  • Egank9 -

    Pewds here is my room if you like it I hope :Egank4