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  • Ashleigh Calland -

    hi guys

  • Venny gives u a *brofist* -

    Yay! Another proxy! :D awesome channel btw! :3

  • Dandy Dragon -

    I would watch Proxybob Squarepants

    • Noirproxy -

      One day.

  • RebelNinja89 -

    Hi Proxy XD
    Came by to say that you have an awesome channel!

    • Noirproxy -

      And I just came by to say you are a freaking awesome Minion ;-D

  • Leafy -

    -nod nod- It is about damn time for brickception.

    • Noirproxy -

      It is a brickalution of major proportions! Wise sages will speak of this day to their younglings and through swift teachings and the occassional whipping their younglings younglings will tell the tale to their younglings who will then tell their younglings and so forth!

  • Leafy -

    Proxy check da list again. You will be happy and shit bricks of brickfullness. c:

    • Noirproxy -

      Bricks of uber brickfullness?! BOUT DAMN TIME! 8o