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  • Naion Fist -

    Added ^^ Plz add me back: NaionProductions
    I gift daily :)

  • KoalaTeaMemes -

    I added you!
    add me back please, KoalaTeaMemes

  • BlueLetterMedia -

    Added you and your husband! Nice rooms - yours is quite stylish :)

    My username is BlueLetterMedia

  • Matthew Owen -

    Morning Hilary. Added you and your husband to my friends list. Completely agree, hate those fuckers that say they have added you but haven't, hopefully we will get an update to see who is following back soon.

    My IGN is WarBeetle, please add.

    As for your room, you have black walls with wood panel flooring. Your husand's room has a black floor and purple walls. Just saying so you know I have added and visited.

    • MrsViciousVixen -

      Hey, sorry for the late response! My husband added you back & I'm logging on shortly to add you back! :)

    • Matthew Owen -

      No problems and thanks for responding :)

    • BlueLetterMedia -

      Yes, a lot of people either don't follow back or lie about it, it seems - very bad etiquette in my opinion.
      Looking forward to a possible update, where I can check for the culprits.

    • Feutor -

      Just add a friendlist, jeesus christ. The room publishing is the worst too. When I publish it I can publish it again 2 minutes later and oh my. So buggy D:

  • KioloDovakin -

    Added you and Kevin.
    Mine: KioloDovakin

    • MrsViciousVixen -

      Sorry for the late response, we've added you back!

  • 4Aaquist -

    Hey added both of you :)
    Mine is : 4Aaquist

  • Wangwu -

    Hey bro !Added you both :)
    my username is Wangwu , also you have to re-log to check if you have any new followers :D

    • MrsViciousVixen -

      Hey, thanks for the tip! I'll tell my husband that. I'm ordering food right now so we'll add you back real soon. I'll reply once we do. Thanks :)

    • Wangwu -

      Np , true BROS always help each other (ゝ∀・)b

  • zeehondje2 -

    Added you both. zeehondje2

    • MrsViciousVixen -

      Cool! I'll add you right now. My husband is playing puggle right now so when he's done he said he'd check his followers & add you back! :)

    • MrsViciousVixen -

      He said he doesn't have any new followers. (Also, I added you back already.)

  • Bithault -

    added, mine is Bithault.

  • Anonymau5 -

    Added you and your husband!

  • valkyrie025 -

    Hey just saw your name on the dash. Whats your username so i can add you? Mine is valkyrie025 :)