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  • LokiL -

    I added you on Tuber ;
    My name on there is PewDieLoki

  • leprechaun -

    Hi! I was so amazed by your awesome room, still am btw. Oh, and please add me too, okay? Mine's PewdeliaFart. Thanks a bunch!

  • Karnasyn -

    Hey I just added you mine's Karnasyn thanks :)

  • marillita95 -

    hey just added you
    Ign: Marillita

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    I added you, feel free to add me back :D Ing: Chevrolady :D

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    Just added you, can you add me back? name's Anoratom, thanks:)

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    I already added you. :D mine's MiksGee
    Thanks bro. :D

  • CringiestChannel -

    hey, I just added you, mine is cringiestchannel
    thanks :)

  • lauren3799 -

    added you, mine is pureawesomenesslau

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    Hey! Just Added you. Add me back : chriscrossatan

  • arrvito -

    Hey! I just add you at tuber simulator! Add me back, would you? It's Leupsmate. Thx :)

  • Azoke -

    Followed, hope you follow me too ;)
    Tuber's name: LimonesTube

  • KioloDovakin -

    Added you.
    IGN: KioloDovakin

    99 bottles of beer on the wall...

  • Naion Fist -

    Added you! Username is NaionProductions and I send daily gifts :)

  • Anonymau5 -

    Added you,

  • meowhoops -

    just added you, can you add me back pls ? My username is meowhoops :)

  • zeehondje2 -

    Added you. zeehondje2

  • Spielkynd -

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    User: spielkynd

  • kuu100 -

    add me back, CrazyApple25

  • AddMePie Tuber -

    Added.My IGN is AddMePie.

    Reply if you add me or i will have to delete it and make room for someone that is following.

    Only allowed so many :)


  • RunicJoker -

    I added you could you add me?

  • Elbin -

    I've added you thanks!

  • Turboguard -

    Added, I'm Turboguard

  • Bithault -

    added, mine is Bithault

  • Locorama123 -

    Added you :)
    Add me back: Locorama123

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  • Dair Dan -

    Added you
    Add : DanKohler
    will send gifts :)