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  • marillita95 -

    added you
    username: Marillita

  • Fatty200 -

    Hello dear, my name is Miss Fatima and i wish to be your good friend but please contact me with my email address [ ] for more introduction of my self very well to you and i will send you more of my pictures too.
    Thanks and take care.

  • lily the cat -

    hi im new please fallow me

  • Chevrolady -

    I added you, feel free to add me back :D Ing: Chevrolady :D

    • Matthew Owen -

      Hey Chevrolady, added you to my friends list. I like the music/office theme you got going on!

    • Chevrolady -

      Thank you! :D
      I was getting kinda proud of lvl 26, but damn you must have put a lot of time and work into your room, with lvl 33 and all! Well done :D

    • Matthew Owen -

      Luckily I have a 5 year old who love's catching the eagle when I'm driving her about. So she racks up the views for me! Otherwise I would not be level 33 for sure.

    • Chevrolady -

      awww, maybe I should get me one of those then :D Say hi from Norway to her, and tell her she's doing a great job

  • McEagle -

    Hello! I just added you, add me too please ign: Anoratom, thanks:)

  • Mattc0128 -

    Just added u....add me Hasslefun

  • CringiestChannel -

    hey, I just added you, mine is cringiestchannel
    thanks :)

    • Matthew Owen -

      Thanks Bro, added you back. Sorry for the delay, only just got back from my travels. Take it easy!

  • lauren3799 -

    added you, mine is pureawesomenesslau

    • Matthew Owen -

      Thanks Lauren, added you back.And congratulations, you now have the longest name on my extensive friend list!

  • Qinji -

    just added you, my name's HackSlashJump...thanks

    • Matthew Owen -

      Hey Qinji, added you on back Bro. You got some creepy goth hall theme going on. I like it!

  • arrvito -

    Hey! I just add you at tuber simulator! Add me back, would you? It's Leupsmate. Thx :)

    • Matthew Owen -

      Hey Bro, thank you for adding me. Just added you back. Your room is great, liking the cameras lined up together. Liking the room a lot :)

  • Cathanield -

    Add me too: Cathaniel

    • Matthew Owen -

      Thanks for adding Bro, added you back! You're level 26 and got the disco floor rocking.

  • Matthew Owen -

    Thanks to everyone who has added me! To anyone else looking to connect on the game, please note I will now be away for several weeks. When I am back I will be sure to respond to any more comments, but until then all I ask is that you be patient.

    And don't worry, I will still be sending daily gifts to everyone as normal.

  • boomboompower -

    Added ya!

    • boomboompower -

      Love those barrels next to the music player lol

    • Matthew Owen -

      Hey Bro! Sorry for the late response. Yeah, those barrels are part of the music player. Wish they didn't have eyes truth be told. Anyway, added you back Bro, room coming along nicely. What's with the stacked boxes though?

  • Naion Fist -

    I added you and sent a gift :) Nice studio room!
    My tuber name is NaionProductions and I send daily gifts. Oh and be sure to check my room also! (Spent a long time making it)

    • Matthew Owen -

      Thank you for adding me! Added you back :)
      Your room s great. You have the bedroom, music room, games room and your office all set out nicely. And do't worry, I send gifts every day.

  • KoalaTeaMemes -

    I added you, What level do you unlock the glass wall? Please add me back, KoalaTeaMemes

  • meowhoops -

    just added you, can you add me back pls ? My username is meowhoops :)
    Cool edgar interview :P

    • Matthew Owen -

      Hey bro, thanks for the add. Added you back and visited, your music room is great! Take it easy...

  • BlueLetterMedia -

    Added you - lovely room :)

    My username is BlueLetterMedia

    • Matthew Owen -

      Hey Bro, thanks for adding. Added you back! Your room is very good, hope you get votes for the stack it event.

      Take care!

  • Vilkejd -

    Hi there, I've just added you ;) Nice studio room. My tuber name is: Tulpe666

    • Matthew Owen -

      Thanks for adding Bro! And thank you for you compliments on my room :)

      Added you back and visited. We have the same desk... clearly you have good taste.

    • Vilkejd -

      Yes, I like black :D

  • Anonymau5 -

    Added you,

    • Matthew Owen -

      Morning Bro and thank you for adding me. Added you back. Your room is crazy, assume it's for the stacked event. Took me 30 seconds to find your desk! Take care...

  • PrincessBell -

    Added you ~ PrincessBell

  • MeltyMaddy -

    Added you! Nice room, I like your one little corner! I'm MeltyMaddy! :)

  • xEnzoTB -

    Added :) my tuber name is xEnzoTB plz add me back... btw my room is empty cause I've unlocked so many new items than I'll organize later

    • Matthew Owen -

      Thanks for adding me. Added you back and yeah, I did the same at around level 20, just deleted everything and started again. Good luck working out your theme.

  • fefelarue -

    Hey you've been added =]

    Mines is fefelarue if you dont mind adding back =]
    Thanks in advance

    • Matthew Owen -

      Hey, thank you for adding me to your friend list. Of course I've added back and visited as well. Your room is so much better than mine was when I was level 7 :)

      Thanks again!

  • valkyrie025 -

    ADDED ; mine is valkyrie025 :)

    • Matthew Owen -

      Thanks Bro! Added you back and checked out your room. Your nightclub theme is rocking and smart way to make those stairs. Notice you're level 29, same as me, who will get to 30 first?

  • Plasm3gg -

    Hey bro, do you know what lvl unlocks the ferrari? Im lvl 40 and I still do NOT saw it any where...

    • Matthew Owen -

      Hey Bro, thanks for adding me. Added you back. How are you level 40 already! Madness :)
      If i see your room on the Halloween themed event I will definitely give you a like.

      As for the Ferrari, I didn't even know it was an item to unlock. So don't have a clue I'm afraid!

    • Plasm3gg -

      Well, tnx anyway

  • Elskean -


    If you'd like to add back, my username is: The29th

    • Matthew Owen -

      Thanks Bro, added you back. Really like your Halloween/Garden theme you got going on. Take it easy!

    • Elskean -

      `.Thank you! Extra thanks for taking the time to look at (and compliment) my room as well, that was nice of you. Your set-up looks like the most comfortable livingroom ever - I would NOT be able to afford to rent such a nice space IRL, good job.

      I see you make your money off of filming pugs. I can respect that.


    Added you. My tuber sim name - SirYiffAlot

    • Matthew Owen -

      Thanks for the add, just added you back and visited! Your room is packed out Bro! Looking good :)

  • zeehondje2 -

    Added you. zeehondje2

    • Matthew Owen -

      Hey, thank you for adding me. Added you back and just visited your room. You got the funky rasta hat rocking, get that as a prize?

  • 4Aaquist -

    Hey i added you ! Add : 4Aaquist

    • Matthew Owen -

      Thanks Bro! Jealous you bought the Halloween pack, those doors are great. Nice room, keep it up!

    • 4Aaquist -

      Thanks alot your room is also looking great!
      Yea they are the only reason i bought the pack :)

  • soulshined -

    I added you! Let's do this. Add me @ soulshined

    • Matthew Owen -

      Hello and thanks for adding me. Just added you back and visited your room wit the black floor and white walls. Cheers Bro.