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  • arrvito -

    Hey! I just add you at tuber simulator! Add me back, would you? It's Leupsmate. Thx :)

    • LeJeel -

      U got out chief

    • LeJeel -

      U got it* oops lol

  • LeJeel -

    R.I.P Birdabo, you will be missed. Good luck poodsz!

  • Chriscrossatan -

    Added you! I'm chriscrossatan:-)

    • LeJeel -


  • Naion Fist -

    Added you! Mine is NaionProductions.

    • Naion Fist -

      Yo, did you add me back? I still only have 3 followers

    • LeJeel -

      sorry about that, didn't have access to laptop, added!

    • Naion Fist -


  • LeJeel -

    Okay so you can't post photos directly to your wall (i think) but if you have any concerns on whether i'm following you back, here's links to pictures of my friends list on tuber sim. Please let me know if you cannot see the pictures or if your name is not on this list and are following me on tuber sim!





  • LeJeel -

    User Name for tuber sim: LeJeel

  • Bithault -

    added, mine is Bithault.

  • valkyrie025 -

    Hey just saw your name on the dash. Whats ur username so i can add you? Mine is valkyrie025 :)

    • LeJeel -

      Hi! And thanks for adding me! username is LeJeel on tuber sim, I already added u c:

    • valkyrie025 -

      Added :)

  • Feutor -

    Gotchu ~Feutor

  • aaaaazvegna -

    Hey there! Added you. Add me back? safyyax

    • LeJeel -

      Yes of course!

  • fefelarue -

    Hey you've been added =]

    Mines is fefelarue if you dont mind adding back =]
    Thanks in advance

    • LeJeel -

      Don't mind at all, and no, thank you!

  • KioloDovakin -

    Added - KioloDovakin

    • LeJeel -

      Thanks! You too :D

    • LeJeel -

      I love your spooky graveyard room btw!

    • KioloDovakin -

      Thank you ~ Your stack of TV's are impressive if not freaky

    • LeJeel -

      Thanks! I mean, i want my haunted house to feel unsettling and voiding any sense of security, so freaky is a step in the right direction. Damn i wish i came across your room in the voting process, i would've enjoyed seeing and voting for it, but sadly the system is broken :c

    • KioloDovakin -

      Thanks, that makes me feel pretty happy ^^
      Yeah, system is a tad flawed but I still try to go though as many rooms as possible to see what I can vote for. Wish I could've voted for yours too ~

  • Corevax -

    add me bck bro, corevax ☺

  • Anonymau5 -

    Added, DefaltName

  • 4Aaquist -

    Hey added :) : 4Aaquist

  • MegaDBow -

    Added, MegaDBow

  • Elskean -

    `.Rad room screencaps! Added!

    If you want to add me back, I'm: The29th

    • LeJeel -

      Thanks! And i'll deffa add u back haha

    • Elskean -

      `.Thank you!

  • zeehondje2 -

    Added you. zeehondje2

  • Mmmoofins -

    Added you. Moofins

  • pcrpjy0816 -

    Hi! Added you - pcrpjy0816


    Added you. My tuber sim name - SirYiffAlot

    • LeJeel -

      your name is 12/10