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  • The Gaming People -

    I added you username is theclickbaiter

  • Jabba20 -

    added you :) My name is Jabba20

  • Emilios Zervos -

    I just added you bro!
    Make sure to add me back please and like this.
    My username: yamabso

  • Spyice -

    Hi there, I've added u. Please add me back: Ask2Siraj :)

  • Viiva -

    Added You Pls add Back OmiVii

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    Added you! Please add me back: Nettepotatoes :)

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    Hey, i added you:)
    add me please: Julead. Thanks!

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    Added you! Add me back please: stillfabulous

    • Andrew Kreeger -

      i gotchu in 3,2,1, done. thanks broski

  • ProjectKaos -

    I have added you! Please add me back, and let's gift! :) IGN: KaosIndustries

    • Andrew Kreeger -

      Thank you for the ad. Just got ya back, good looks!

    • Andrew Kreeger -

      i can gift in about 16 hours. Don't worry when i can i will. I play alot hopefully being lvl 33 ATM means better gifts haha.

  • Pines -

    Added you, mine is Wasteful

  • Andrew Kreeger -

    For anyone visiting my wall, my IGN is AndrewKreeger
    just say added and i got you back 100%

  • Hamad4 -

    added you.
    add me back! Hamad4 :)

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    Added you! FrancisMallari is my ign.

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    Added you my ign is Querida :)

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    Added you,
    My channel name is smallcoconut