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  • jakenmarmite -

    Guess what?

    moar spam

    • James Summers -

      Bitch pls.. mah mudkips prevent dat schtuff

  • ForgetxTruexLove -

    James James James James James James James.
    Im so happy your back :D

    • James Summers -

      it's not exactly good to be back... i get the feeling i'm going to hate some of the new members

  • Leafy -

    Hey hey hey hey heyyyy..
    Clear inbox.

    • James Summers -

      Cant on this cellphone... Should be using my laptop for free wifi in the library tommorow... If i dont have an anxiety attack.... You could email me at [email protected]

  • Black_Veil_Brides -

    Seriosly James. GET THE FUCK ON.
    Some people here do miss you.
    Hence, GET THE FUCK ON. Please.

    • James Summers -

      yeah kinda lost the internet and have to ninja my way to my brothers phone and believe me i miss everyone too now lets update my life... Anti depressants and sleeping pills mixed with slenderman games and i am feeling loneley i guess

  • Left -

    Random spaaam

    Spam. c:

  • supermariozx205 -

    Jamez go and prevent confusion in the city

  • AmazingLord -


  • HisHighnessBr00tal -


  • HisHighnessBr00tal -

  • Monkeyfro -


    that's the link for the download to make customstories