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  • Brofist to my bro! -

    Hi guys. me [email protected]!!! just here to start chatting..... hi guys

  • Brofist to my bro! -

    Hello and welcome to my wall!

    we do have rules upon this wall and will be posted every - now and then -

    Rules That MUST be * followed :*

    be appropriate - this means no Cuss Words upon this wall.
    do not harass- it is not appropriate
    please do not post arguments or a request for * nothing * - it is not appropriate

    if the above rules ^ are not followed i will post 1 warning on your wall then, i will post 1 more warning , then you may not post on my wall which will be told on your wall.

    if you would like to chat, you and me can set a time for just me and you and * maybe * some other players on my wall.

    you may post announcements like PewDiePie just uploaded a video but * NO * advertizements for your wall. i am the * only one * who can post advertizements here. you may post those where they are necessary .