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  • PerfectChaos! -

    It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-DUEL!

  • secret agent imp -

    omg more yougi oh! wheres the black mage guy?

  • Bonnie the Bunny -

    beware. this place is full of... uh.... craziness.... i think... nvm idfk..

    • Magician'sValkyria -

      lol, i know XD (ps i gave up FNaF for Lent.... o.o)

    • Bonnie the Bunny -

      D: nuuuu dont give up fnaf!!!!

    • Magician'sValkyria -

      well, it'll only be for 40 days. i can't RP it, watch videos about, play it, or read about it basically. (but i'll follow you when lent is over, if you remind me :P)

    • Bonnie the Bunny -

      fallaw meeee :3 lol

    • Magician'sValkyria -

      i will when Lent is over, lol XD

  • Forsaken -

    Welcome, too the broarmy site. Hope you make friends and hope you read the rules :)

  • Weeaboo -

    Pls, are you really magical?

  • ~MilkAholicMilkMan~ -

    Hello :3