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  • Dastanael -

    You should ignore the spambots. The mods will take care of it as soon as they are on.

    • GrimmWhiskey -

      I know, it's just so annoying that people do that crap.

  • Rhigull03 -

    I see that you watch the cyanide and happiness show

    • GrimmWhiskey -

      I love that show, and I love Legend of Zelda, so I freaked when i saw this.

  • GrimmWhiskey -

    This site is pretty awesome. I love PewDiePie and gaming forums, so this is a huge win/win for me.

  • Delirious -

    I like your mask that you have on

    • GrimmWhiskey -

      thanks, its a mix of a high quality paintball mask(i use it for airsoft), my xp500 turtle beaches and the epic stewie hat