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  • from Somewhere in the Mega-verse, Destroying planets with Dark-matter bombs!
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  • Weeaboo -

    hey there sexy

  • yookie -


    • Zekr4l -

      why what? offensive? your not, just when you said spooky, i imagined what my avatar would reply

    • yookie -

      wouldn't you say that if it was the real you?

    • Zekr4l -

      i would laugh and be on my way, me and my avatar are similar, but not completely.

    • yookie -

      what do you mean?

    • Zekr4l -

      my avatar is pretty much a representation on how i feel on the inside, with minor differences

  • Z3non -

    stuck in the Calgary airport for 5 hours going on 6, not a lotta fun I tell yea

  • SummerInTaro -

    Have you seen Dexter or Hannibal? Any of that stuff?