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  • geeky-bro -

    hey brooossssssssss I have been writing a fanfic of pews and cry it has been turning out pretty well but I need some help...... Should pewds stay with cry or should he be with ken broodiest xx

  • geeky-bro -

    Have you ever stopped and thought about how long Pewds spends on making his video for us, how much time out of his life he uses for us to make videos, it must be a pretty long time, if he hs to edited out lots of things in his videos of when he dies then has replay back through to where he was, he makes us a big part of his life, and he always make us feel like we are there with him when he is playing, there isn't alot of people out there that do thing like he does. Thanks Pewds xx <3

  • geeky-bro -

    how long have you people been subscribed to pewds??