NZ Stephano Skully

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  • 23
  • from Papamoa Beach - New Zealand
  • Member since Jul 4th 2012
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  • marcusmo17 -

    I remember you :)

  • Nyamanyati -


  • NirthPanter -

    Hi! I am at the time giving away a shiny mew to awesome people, want one? :)

  • Simmikke -

    Bro.... ADD MY FRIEND CODE. There's a thread about sharing DS friend codes in the gaming forum.

  • Okuu -

    I watched the game with my family and went to sleep early, then woke up again due to people yelling.

  • James Summers -

    I said fucking stop i am not in the mood for this shit harrison

    • NZ Stephano -

      Bro, there is no need for that language bro.

      * i wonder if i made my favourite bro unhappy... *

  • James Summers -

    stop calling me bro i am not a fan of pewdiepie nor do i enjoy his videos

    this is not sarcasm

    • NZ Stephano -

      It's ok, I understand. Bro.
      Bro. I understand.
      Bro. It's ok, I understand completely. Bro.
      It's fine. Bro.

    • NirthPanter -

      why do he even use this page? :P