Yukari Yakumo Ruben

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  • from Somewhere Along The Boundaries of Gensokyo
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  • Mystery -

    Bonjour, eh.

    • Yukari Yakumo -

      uhh.. Bonjour

    • Mystery -

      I didnt know you were french...

    • Mystery -

      Anyway. Welcome back here, hope to see you in the chat soon.

    • Yukari Yakumo -

      Actually, I'm not, I just know some basic French, and yeah thanks. I visit this site once in a while.

  • Ebenezer Scrooge -

    oh hai thar

  • Dandy Dragon -


    • Yukari Yakumo -

      NUU!! I'M NO VIRGIN ANYMOAR!! Oh wait, it's my gesbuk.