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    Pewds taught me how to be strong while I was going through some difficulties....Everytime I clicked the play button it was like I was in a whole new world(The BroarmyWorld ;) )without promblems and pain...:') I'm so LUCKY Pewds came into my life because he made me believe in myself and be who I really am without worring what the others say 'bout me!! I SOOOO THANKFUL FOR EVERY SINGLE THING PEWDS HAS GIVEN ME!!!I DONT EVEN CARE IF HE DOESNT EVEN KNOW I EXIST....I JUST KNOW THAT HE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR ME AND I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR HIM <3 <3 <3 ILOVE YOU FELIX TO THE MOON AND BACK AND THANK U FOR BEING YOURSELF!! <3 <3 <3 ILOVEYOU PEWDS YOU ARE MY IDOL! <3 A HUGE BROFIST FROM GREECE!!! <3