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  • still jinx -

    nice drawings

  • fluffeh.monster -

    heyoo~ Well just telling you that PTY is actually run under a website that designs characters. But then ill show the website once the project's over ><"

  • Nell -

    Followed you cuz your art :)

  • NirthPanter -

    Woah, saw your posts at My Art, those are awesome! :O Say your drew one of pokemon as well, do you play it on 3DS? :)

    • EyelinerJunkie -

      Thank you :). I have actually drawn a couple of Pokemon things which I will definitely upload very soon. I've been terrible at updating my art thread these days but I'm a bit more motivated now. And yes, I do :). Haven't got any of the new ones yet, but I am still exploring on Pokemon X and have very fond memories of Pokemon Yellow on the old brick gameboys :D

    • NirthPanter -

      cool :D I have recently been working on a polygonal project of the original kanto starters :) Your art are amazing! I never got to play pokemon yellow, even tho I've always wanted to :/ can't tell how much I love gen 6 tho :P

    • EyelinerJunkie -

      Thank you :3. Playing Pokemon Yellow was fun because you had your Pikachu follow you around and he hates you in the beginning but steadily grows to adore you :).

    • NirthPanter -

      wow, I didn't know that xD but I can see why, since the same happened in the anime :) You like mew btw?

    • EyelinerJunkie -

      I do like Mew. It's rather cute :3. There was a myth back in the day that if you beat the Elite Four 100 times, you'd get a Mew, but it was nonsense of course. Didn't stop my brother and I from trying though lol. We kept a tally and everything.