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  • annoracleofruby -

    Hiiii :) When are you posting Felix's birthday video?? Can't wait to see all the wishes for him :p

  • angelaapparel -

    my video for felix's bday vid :D thank you for organizing it!!…=UUYXLhSX7z3SPigLLFjJUbNg

  • Mihai23 -

    how many guys sent stuff ^^?

    • DJFingas -

      Two so far :D one of them were really really cool!

  • angelaapparel -

    hi!! where do we send in the video (if we're going along with that idea) and what do we have to say in it? ((for felix's bday vid))

    • DJFingas -

      You can say anything you want to say, as long as it's 5-10 seconds long and sent to [email protected] ^^ Although spam, self-advertisement, or anything offensive is not permitted and will be declined

    • angelaapparel -

      do i post the video to the drop box?

    • DJFingas -

      Right I forgot, you can use Dropbox or as an unlisted youtube video