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  • SheephirEye -

    Deer SENPAI, notis me senpai. Notis me 4 da giraf u luv da most...

  • TheDerptor -

    Senpi wy du u hve 2 mke meh cri evryniht I want u 2 notic meh senpi

  • Rhigull -

    Hey pewds how's it goin?

  • PaulTheLOL -

    How's the fields of Africa?

  • Lovina360 -

    pece <3

  • FreeDamnPotatos -

    Deer falcon lover, I've been crying evry single night,for you, trying to ignore my love to you, but I couldnt,senpai why won't you notice me? I thought we had something,was I wrong babe? I sound like a freak, but falcon, baby, notice me! Ik I am making a mistake dat i is cheating on shrek, with you, butt I can't help it. Notice me senpai.

  • blasty :3 -

    how many giraffes it takes to kill poods. none poods is jesus jesus aint going to pass away jesus gonna rule the world and give free cheese

  • Chillkroete -

    How does a giraffe sounds like?

  • DJFingas -

    i sent you a message tell me if you get it - was really confusing to send message

  • Jirou_Chan -

    you have 5 subscribe but you have 19 Follwer xD

  • FalconLover -

    ef any1 wants an falcon lover shert u can at falconlover.spreadshirt.com/

  • ElMerodeador -

    Falcon lover 4ever!!


    I am u biggst fan and I think u are LMG Pro!!! Get those no scopes!!!

  • FalconLover -

    how meny poods deos it take 2 fab?

  • Nestea. -

    I thought I'm an elephant, but no! I'm an ice tea!

  • ThatOneAwsomeDuckTho -

    Falcon lover will never beat SMOSES SNIPER CLAN! #Smoses #Neoses #DemQuickscopsDoe

  • daviantofp -

    I want to be a Jiraffe... Tell me how plz???

  • Kamou -

    Can i joint your sniper clan?

    • Kamou -


  • Shehab Ashraf -

    you think i'm a girafe nope i'mma snake x'D

    • ninjakiwi2500 -

      and you dont want none unless they got buns

    • Pooddiepir -

      Hey let's take over the world

  • FalconLover -


  • FalconLover -

    deer evry1