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  • wrqwasdq243124312 -

    wus poppin

  • risker360 -

    Trip to Rome was sick my boy!

  • Fast -

    hey this guy is cheating "cutehusky'

  • NiceToGreetYou -

    I would like to know how to delete my account :?

  • Weeaboo -

    o Heiko just wondering would it be possible to make an Anime Section of the Forums so that way anime related stuff can be organized into that section?

    • mKeRix -

      We're not really an anime forum and there already dozens of communities dedicated to that, a whole section wouldn't make sense imo (also discussed this with the team). You can open a dedicated mega thread tho

    • Weeaboo -

      Oho ok thanks for the response though. At the least I was able to get permission to make a mega thread rather than just making one recklessly

  • chocolatebunny -

    This is a nice and amazing profile I have seen in my life :)

  • Level Life -

    That is the most beautiful profile picture I have ever seen X3

    • mKeRix -

      A friend of mine (Stephanie aka blueskiies) drew it for me back in the day and I still proudly use it on a lot of sites. Thanks! :)

  • Snuskflickan98 -

    Hi, mKeRix. Remember me? Its me, snusk. Write to me, Okay? :D

  • Kyle The Ghost -

    the m cucumbers will soon attack you again my old friend

  • -

    hey thanks for everything. :)

  • X-caliber -

    I wanna talk to you

  • Weeaboo -

    why be a neko if you can be a weeaboo

  • Batty -

    Please fix the chat

  • Miao -

    heiko sneaking on my profile, the world must be ending.

  • James -


  • [~Dash~] -

    Heiko-san, there had been spamming on the Forum Threads for 15 minutes or more now. None of the mods seems to be online and Risker is afk. I have been reporting some but they seem to continue doing it. Please help stop the spammers from spamming the Thread any further!

  • Weeaboo -

    Hey Heiko how do you add images in replys?

    • Weeaboo -

      wait jk figured it out

  • Mystery -

    posting bad memes is a good job

  • Br00tal -

    hello mister, nice to see this place is still up and running <3

    • mKeRix -

      welcome back homie

    • Br00tal -

      bby <3

  • Weeaboo -

    haxx. haxx everywhere

  • SheephirEye -

    I realized i wasnt following you ;-; sorry plsdntkillme

  • mKeRix -

    Last night I made the search bar up top a little bit more awesome, now you can get to what you're looking for even faster ;)

    • Mystery -

      does it also search kinky RP threads?

    • [~Dash~] -


    • Kyle The Ghost -

      Does that mean I can look up ways of muffins

  • mKeRix -

    We just recaptured out Video Bot slave and made him post comment threads again!

    • Weeaboo -

      slavery at its finest

  • mKeRix -

    Check out our new share box on the dashboard :)

  • Metal-Warrior -

    well I have some big problems..................for first I messed up while trying to transfer my log in from Google + to normal password log in but some how I no longer have any way of log in (I dont have a password and I cant re use google + because of a lack of password) so yeah which means that if I try to log in I might be left out forever...................and I cant send you this in a private message because it says it has some kind of can I fix this all? can it even be fixed?

  • Horta Woof -

    Dude there are so many errors happening in chat. Please, german friend, FIX IT!

  • still jinx -


  • AntonK -

    Hi, We need Felix (Pewdipie) For a Hollywood movie, could we please get in touch with Felix or his representative for more information. Thanks

  • Forsaken -

    People always stalk your profile don't they? Seems easier to use the support email lol

    • Weeaboo -

      shh Forsa, shhh he likes being stalked

    • Forsaken -

      Kek ;p

  • Weeaboo -

    Are we going to have events like the Halloween 2014? I signed up to this site one month after and I'm really looking forward to it this year too

    • mKeRix -

      Hopefully! No exact plans for it just yet, but we're working on it :)

    • Weeaboo -

      yesss ok thank you very much! Looking forward to it too!