End Of The Grid (Role play)

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    • End Of The Grid (Role play)

      OK SO ITS 2016 the grid (all electronics and or economics) have been shut of what woud you do???? may i ask for your first post say your charecters name age and looks

      NAMES: Hana Stevans
      AGE: 17
      LOOKS: like my profile pic
      Yo im Hana, nice to meet you!
      <3 :D :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
    • NAMES: Hana Stevans
      AGE: 17
      LOOKS: like my profile pic
      *wakes up in the morning* *yawns* another morning of no tech *looks at her puppy luna* well adleast i have you luna cmon lets go get some food * starts walking into the distance*
      Yo im Hana, nice to meet you!
      <3 :D :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
    • Name: Jonathan Blaine
      Age: 48
      Looks: Silvery short hair, and a Van Dyke beard. A buttoned shirt with short sleeves and cargo pants. A thick black glove in the left hand and a red scarf tied on the right wrist. A brown leather belt with lots of tools and some weaponry.

      You had to always be wary of thieves and muggers and such. There was no surveillance cams or any other tech to make alarms.
      I had my own generator, I built running in my little house in the suburbs of a little town. I built the generator myself. It kept on, but it was extremely loud and if you would try to take any more power from it, it would pop and you'd have to fix it at least a day.
      I couldn't even use any circuits from my storage. The wave that shut electricity down had also destroyed all ready components and any other stuff usable in machines. I had to build them using hand drills and screwdrivers and I had to work on it for a year to make it work. It had exploded on my face for a few times. I had messaging birds in cages to send letters. And I had my pet hawk Snow. It was an albino, with blood red eyes. I adopted the bird a few years ago. It's mother abandoned it because it was white. Now it ismy best companion.
    • *Smiles at you* like i find all the other places i stay at i just simply find an abandonded house, i plan on heading to newyork next since we are currently, right here. *Point's to a maker on a huge map* we are in a small town called yelleds ville we'll leave in a few day's time. I hope you don't mind that i only stay in one house for a few day's
    • its ok *point to the middle of the road between here and yelleds* theres a gang around this area there known for villance you probably wana take this route *points to the back roads* trust me if anyone knows this town its me
      Yo im Hana, nice to meet you!
      <3 :D :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
    • *I smile and rub Hannah's head softly* don't worry kid i'm much more stronger then i look. *I look outside noticing that the sun was beginning to set, slowly i'd pull hannah inside closing the door i'd begin to close and lock all the door's and window's* who ever last owned this house man they were controle freak's look at all these lock's on the door's
    • Im Joining this Rp

      Name: Tristan


      Appreciance: wears a red flannel shirt and a black one strap back pack, black jeans, and converse chucks.

      Has a full but not thick beard and a hairstyle similar to murphy pendleton from silent hill downpour. scar undearneath right eye. travels along and tends to wander around

      carries a fire axe for self defense.

      *Stumbles near holding a bloody wound around waist* "Aw no... Im gonna die here." *leans against tree and hears the small group talking talking* "Don't shoot and if

      ya do make it quick!"


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    • OOC: I was in my house in the last post.

      IC: I went for a walk in the woods, close to my house.
      There were three people. One was bloody, one was holding the bloody one and one was just looking there.
      "What are you doing there?!" I yelled at them. I took out my M1911 from it's holster on my belt and put it behind my back, while walking with my left side towards them, so they couldn't see me taking the gun.