What video was this..??

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  • What video was this..??

    Bros, I desperately need help finding a specific pewdiepie's video. I've been searching for over 2 weeks now and cannot find it. Goes liek this...

    -The face cam is in the top left corner I'm 90% sure.
    -The background behind pewds is bright so it wasn't shot at night with lamp. No green screen.
    -75% sure that the video was posted in 2013.
    -What looks the most familiar is face cam from "100% FLAWLESS - Big Rigs" (shot in Italy)
    -I believe the video was around the same time of another video where pewds has to stop during recording and have dinner with Marzia's parents while in Italy. ( I'm also looking for this video and cannot find it either) He comes back after dinner and talks on video about how awkward it was after they came into the room while he was recording, yelling and how little Italian he speaks.
    -The specific part I'm speaking of is when he's on one of his beatbox/rap rants. Goes something like this... "Just break it down for me gurl, just break it down, just break it down for me gurl...shake that booty gurl!" He goes on longer, repeating pretty much the same and he gets louder and louder to the point where he's yelling it super loud (cracking me up just thinking about it now)
    -As he's yelling you hear someone come in off camera and he stops and turns to talk to them...99% sure it's Marzia that comes in because she's wondering whats going on.
    -As for what game he's playing I have no idea, although I'm pretty sure it involves female charater movements that he's manipulating via his keyboard or mouse...but thats just a guess, I'm not certain what is going on in the video tbh.
    -The only other reference I can find, which is not the video I'm looking for but might give you a clue about what I'm looking for is in the video "I AM SKRILLEX (3 Free Games)". In this video he does the whole "Just break it down for me gurl, just break it down"

    Any ideas will be much appreciated...I've searched Google for any clues and was, of course, directed to Pinterest for some odd reason which ended up being a dead end. THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS!