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    • wlrbww writings (+15)

      DISCLAIMER: This is a product of imagination. It might correlate with sooooooo many subjects and ideas already written and verbally adjusted throughout time.
      Sorry 4 bad grammar, bros&sises <3

      I had finally reached it, there stood Heaven's Door.
      As guided, I was soon to meet with myself, over and over again, before I got to meet God.

      But since now I am here, HE should think I have wandered enough.
      If I were still in my material form, I would have ridiculed the heck out of that little wooden door.
      But there I was: limitless, easier than a feather, a door in a wall of clouds separating me from HIS Kingdom.
      Is this ~meeting halfway~? Balancing EVIL and GOOD till I reach absolute GOOD?
      What happens now, what is this silence?
      There's no knob... I guess I have to wait... in silence?
      God must really have a sense of humor!
      Guess I wait patiently here.
      Remember, patience is a virtue.
      I'll admire the beautiful landscapes of clouds till we meet.
      I am so excited!
      I came this far, I am worthy.
      I get to walk on these clouds,
      I get to become ONE with HIS Great Kingdom.
      I get to look all those who've wronged me through the eyes of my LORD,
      And hear HIS judgement.
      I heard the fight will be over soon.
      Must deliver as many as possible till the end of the seven trumpets.
      It will be all over soon.
      This is my last guilt offering.
      Even so, I am in a most gracious position.
      Here I stand, I get to wait safe until HIS return.
      I get to stand at the feet of HIS world,
      And soon I will be delivered.
      The clouds are beautiful.
      Such beauty HE creates!
      Such a relaxing silence...
      Such clouds, such grandeur,
      Much beauty.
      I knew it wasn't time to meet HIM.
      I wasn't facing the door anymore.
      I was still worshiping HIS valleys of clouds, the ones that I had wandered into before I had reached the gate.
      The valley of the death is long gone,
      I am safe, I am cured.
      Such beauty holds me now.
      They cannot touch me now.
      HIS glory awaits me.
      Such happiness.
      It's all right now.
      It's finally going to be alright.
      Justice has been served.
      It's alright now.
      I will wait for HIM.
      HE's the only one.
      HE's coming for me soon.
      Modest door.
      Off course.
      Ah, all the metaphors!
      HIS word and HIS spirit speaks wonders.
      I am so overwhelmed with joy.
      HE will be here soon,
      I feel so overwhelmed I don't know if I am ready to meet him like this.
      Don't worry, HE'll be here soon.
      Wait patiently.
      I bet the door will open
      When I am ready and
      When I will be ready will be the time HE comes.
      No need to be weary.
      No need to feel nothing at all.
      But embrace the beauty that surrounds me.
      No need to feel nothing at all.
      And why is that I feel my mimics crumbling into dust?

      To be continued if I get at least 1 feedback. Thank you dearly.