Good Comedy is dying and Pewdiepie is a Victim

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    • Good Comedy is dying and Pewdiepie is a Victim

      This is how I understand the latest scandal.

      Felix portrays a character: He takes the role of a bad guy so his audience can laugh and ridicule that character. He does a bad Hitler impersonation so that people can ridicule Hitler and the ideas he represents. This is simple classic comedy, delivered with classic comedic tools. Another example of this is how Felix is known for portraying himself as a comically exaggerated online persona: he portrays Pewdiepie to be a selfish, arrogant rich bastard to give more punch to his comedy. Simple, clean comedy that works.

      In fact his jokes are very often structured around this premise of himself portraying the role of the “conflict” or the antagonist within the story. He places himself into the core of that joke, makes himself the laughing stock, puts himself on the line. That’s brave, that’s what makes it edgy. And the expectation is for you to get it - it’s like an unspoken rule that this humor is only meant for the audiences that see it within the context it is delivered. The audience that understand the rules of the game.

      He is a comedian, he is an entertainer. He is not the real Hitler. He is playing the role to deliver a joke, like an actor plays a role. Behind that role and behind that actor there is a human being, a professional artist and a creative content creator.

      The sad part is this: How can any modern journalist think anything else? How can they think so little of Pewdiepie and his 53 million subscribers, that they would think there is anything more than what they see: a comedian delivering a joke, a funny man doing a funny impersonation? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it. In fact it sounds idiotic, sounds stupid as f*ck.

      You ARE supposed to ridicule the character he is portraying. You are supposed to point a finger at him and say “HA! You’re Hitler?? Hitler is a f*cking JOKE I hate him and what he represents!” And then you read into the joke and figure out why the reference was necessary, what qualities did it bring out from the content Felix was making the joke about. That’s not rocket science.

      The reality is anyone who takes these jokes too seriously is after some kind of glory to showcase their own believed moral high ground. Anyone who takes these jokes out of context is sick and consciously warping the reality, to build a platform onto which they then raise themselves, to scream out to the world “I am better than you, I wouldn’t joke about things like this!” To achieve that they have to slander and ruin a man.

      All because they didn’t get the joke. All because they want to look good at the expense of another.

      They didn’t get the joke and that’s all there is. They’re arrogant people who’s default belief is that they are morally superior to you, more intelligent than the people who dare to laugh at a joke they didn’t understand. If you surrender to that you recognize them as having this power, moral superiority over you, the high ground that they claim to have. They are telling you “You are sh*t, we are better, follow us or be doomed nazi scum.” You don’t have to. You are not a nazi. You can choose to see the truth, like an adult. See the reality where these people throwing the accusations are the ugly disgusting ones.

      Not understanding a joke does not make it right to character assassinate the comedian and shout shame to his audience. There are 53 million people who got the joke.

      The people who write these slandering articles are the stupid ones. They don’t have a platform or a foot between the door and the frame about to reveal some hidden nazi-conspiracy. That’s sad as f*ck. They did this for selfish reasons. Because they wanted everyone to recognize that they believe they are a better person than you are.
      We can see the truth: that these people are arrogant, selfish, disgusting and humorless. They desperately want to matter, they desire clicks and fame and to rid the world of joy, freedom of expression and unique content. They do it by any means necessary, even if it means to destroy other people to get there. But they don’t have a moral high ground: They had to spend days researching and forcefully building that distorted world view so that they could confidently stand on top of their sick delusional structure and declare their superiority. Shame you, if you don’t participate into their delusions.

      How does the world look now, idiot? Cause there are at least 53 million people who see you as the a**holes that you truly are.

      I will not accept that platform of lies they have built on someone’s expense simply to raise themselves over everyone else. I will not accept the surrender to this narrative by Disney’s Maker and Youtube. All there is is the fact that they’re stupid, selfish and don’t understand humor. That’s all there is. Youtube and Maker choose to support slander and character assassination. That’s the core behind all this. That’s the truth you journalists are seeking with your conspiracy theories. The truth is you’re on the same level as anyone else, but too prejudiced and high on yourselves to ask why 53 million people found a bunch of jokes to be funny.

      All these parties involved in slandering or supporting it should immediately apologize to Pewdiepie. These articles have been written by people who are ignorant to the context - and clearly low enough of human scum to slander someone just to signal boost their moral superiority, which is a delusional standpoint because they have no superior position - To get there they have to slander a good man, a good, loving human being.

      Pewdiepie is a man who’s humor is understood by 53 million of his followers, yet somehow not by the writers at the Wall Street Journal and other fake news sources.

      Youtube is low for surrendering to that narrative. They should stand in support of Pewdiepie. They need to right this wrong. These people have taken a joke and made it into a political statement because they want to virtue signal in place of other people who do not see anything offensive in a joke.

      If you make a case on the premise of “A comedian portrayed Hitler to deliver a joke therefore they are Hitler” then YOU are the joke. Writing a crime novel with a murder case does not mean the writer supports murder. Making dead baby jokes does not make one a baby killer. You are supporting slander and fake news, character assassination of a good man who gives joy to 53 million good, loving, humorous people.

    • Hello and I agree with most of what you have shared. My only correction would be that not all 53 million are active.
      Also, Pewds is like a virtual heyoka, he sees behind the masks and mirrors them out in the public. That's why they fear him.
      He also can inspire the best one can give, if one's willing to stop taking oneself so damn serious and open eyes to see others that surround them.

      "Only those who have had visions of the thunder beings of the west can act as heyokas. They have sacred power and they share some of this with all the people, but they do it through funny actions. When a vision comes from the thunder beings of the West, it comes with terror like a thunder storm; but when the storm of vision has passed, the world is greener and happier; for wherever the truth of vision comes upon the world, it is like a rain. The world, you see, is happier after the terror of the storm." - Black Elk