Game suggestions for Pewds? Help me pls.

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    • Game suggestions for Pewds? Help me pls.

      Hiya everybody. :rolleyes:

      Sooo I have a game suggestion for Pewds, is there any discussion about making game recommendations for Pewdie in this forum, I didn't find one. And is this forum like.. Fan made or does Pewds use this too? I'm not sure anymore. It's been a while since I last visited this site, I think it was like or something like that last time. ?( And if this isn't the place to make him any game suggestions, what is? Can't find any info anywhere so I thought this was the best place to start asking.

      Please help me out if you can. :/

    • I think the best way is to make a thread in the Suggestions -subforum.
      Check out this sticky for further instructions.

      I've also been making a game for 2 years now with my friends and now I'm kinda ready to show it to Felix and his friends.
      I'm trying to make a video now but it's super hard to speak about your own work. Guess I'm shy af...
      But if you combine Worms, Battlefield and south park humor it's pretty much this game. The game where you mess with your friends.

      Today I've been recording these little gifs I plan to embed in my post. I put some of them here to test if they show up as you'd expect : ) Sorry about the tangent.

      To be frank I should have made my video and my thread a year ago, but I guess the fear of rejection has pushed us to do always one more feature.
      "Then it will be good enough"

      My biggest fear is he won't see my video when it's done and it will be just me and my pals playing it.

      Every now and then I watch the bulletball video for motivation.

      It's my dream come true
      for me it's to be a game developer and not to get a real job.

      It will happen
      Cause we're gonna make it happen
      one way or the other
      that I guarantee

    • Aaaayyyy oot suomalainen! Koska Spurdo Spärde XDD

      Eiköhän se game developerin työ oo yhtä lailla oikeeta työtä ku muutki. :D
      Toivottavasti Pewdie löytää pelin käsiinsä sit ku se on teidän mielestä valmis ja video tehty. Tärkeintä kuiteski se että ootte itte tyytyväisiä siihen mitä ootte tehny. :rolleyes:

      Anyways, kiitti avusta! Aattelin ehdottaa Pewdielle sitä suomalaista My Summer Car -simulaattoripeliä mikä löytyy Steamista.

      //ei muutes toiminutkaan tuo sun linkkaama instructions-sivu :whistling:

    • Jep : D

      Tosiaan näköjään linkissä on ylimääräinen domain alussa.
      tässä oikea osoite:
      How To Suggest A Game

      My summer car on kyllä huippu ja hieno nähdä että noinkin esoteerinen peli voi menestyä.

      Videon sain tosiaan just valmiiks ja väkertelen tässä postausta.
      Jännää nähdä tuleeko siihen vastausta.