Am I Breaking The Rules Already?

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    • Am I Breaking The Rules Already?

      Hey guys! Just finished setting up my account and now here I am with my first post, but going over the general forum rules it's a little unclear if I might already be breaking the rules just by being here with what my general persona is about, haha! There was mention that talk of hard drugs is not tolerated, but, I mean, I don't do or talk about hard drugs, per se. Someone help me out here!

      But anyway! I'm a member of the LGBT (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transexual) community and I run my own YouTube channel for mostly my original music uploads and Let'sPlay gaming videos, but I also kinda just do my own thing, because that's what I'm about! xD

      Feel free! To check out my channel and social media stuff, links in my profile and signature. Trying to avoid crossing the self-promotion boundary here, lol <3 but I've by playing guitar for about 6 years, piano for about 3, and singing consistently for only about 1 year here, so feedback on my music is always appreciated. I'd consider my genre of music something I call "dance metal", but again I also tend to just release whatever I feel like.

      So yeah, I'm here to make some friends and have some semi-intelligent conversation, as well as see if I can get some advice on running a YouTube channel, see as I only just made my first upload in September (I think) and am still just a fledgling YouTuber! Love and respect, always <3
      - Maryjane Daniel