Creativity, Where are you ?

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    • Creativity, Where are you ?

      Hi everyone ! today I want to discuss about the Events in Tuber Simulator !

      Recently, we accessed to the 1st Result for an Event !

      To my opinion, many room ( not every room ) room do not deserve their rank ( I'm particulary looking at you number 3 XD ) and, during the "vote time" I saw WAY better room, but I do not see them in this result ( I didn't saw myself neither ;( )

      + we can vote for the new event "box fort"... Am I the only one to find only "normal" room ?!
      So : Creativity, Where are you ? Most of the winner in this event simply put object in randoms places, and they Win the event ? dafuq ? Am I a salty fucker ?

      And you, what do you think of the result of this event ?
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    • Been looking at the results. It's really weird. I think it has something to do with exposure. Maybe the algorithm that processed which rooms were shown favored certain people over others by chance. I find it hard to believe that everyone's room had the same amount of viewers. Not trying to sound narcissistic, but I had an amazing room, but I didn't even get placed in what, bronze bracket?
    • i to am wondering about why there are no box forts in the voting thing, i entered my box fort room into this event. i have since erased it to work on my halloween entry though. i simply have not voted on any room that doesnt comply with the theme of the event.

      i didnt get any votes for my crib as far as i know but it was a pretty ok room, it wasnt a random mess like a bunch of them were. they should add a system where u can link your room to social media for voting.
    • I think it partly has to do with the 'notification' that pops up when you can submit your room. The red bubble does not disappear until you submit, so I can image loads of people just click it to get rid of it, even if their room is not part of the theme.
      I've only found 2 'box forts' after like 30 minutes, too. :(
    • I had a pretty awesome room for the check my crib also and did not rank, I have only voted for one room on the box fort and it was a meager attmept, but at least it was an attempt, I hope I get ranked for the box fort considering I bought the store out of boxes for it lol, I would love to see more rooms with an attempt at least, most are just normal rooms and do not have a single box in them, wtf haha anyway, good luck to everyone
    • In 12 hours, the "box fort" event will be over

      I hope to see good room matching the theme, but I also hope for many off topic room, so that Outermind can realize that :

      1) Event are not clear, we don't necessarily know what to do ( they should add a little description like : "In this event, you should build the best castle with box !" )

      2)There's way too many random room that don't match the theme

      3) People tend to vote randomly ( but I don't think they can really do much about that )

      What should they do ? add a "dislike" button, and if someone get too much dislike, they are disqualified ? But that could be dangerous, with multi account spamming "dislike" just for troll ?
      I really hope that Outermind look at this forum one day ..
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      Watch Little busters, my favourite anime ^^
    • I completely agree, it's so stupid, like what's the point of even having events for a theme if people aren't going to follow it. It's aggravating really, I think if their room has nothing to do with the theme they should be disqualified, because it makes no sense and is unfair to other tubers who actually make an effort and follow the theme. I really hope they fix this issue, because if not, I really don't see a reason to do the events at all.