I'm Rustic, SMOSH Anthony's stunt double!

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    • I'm Rustic, SMOSH Anthony's stunt double!

      Hey bros! My name is Rustic! :D

      My "claim to internet fame" as of this moment is, that I stunt doubled Anthony Padilla in the SMOSH movie, which came out last year! (I did the fighting, the backflips, etc).. and I was also in one of their videos called "6 ways to get a girl" (check out the video description for proof)

      I'm a stuntman living in Los Angeles, and I am also a youtuber! I make action/comedy videos, vlogs, tutorials, and now I'm venturing into the uncharted land (for me) of reaction videos! Here's my channel - youtube.com/kellock71 8o

      Anyways, I really enjoy pewdiepie's videos, and he is one of my biggest youtube inspirations! To me, he is the perfect example of someone who put in a tremendous amount of work, consistently, to get to where he is.

      I've been on youtube for 9+ years, and used to run 6 different channels.. but I only recently started treating it more "seriously", after going back to my smallest one called "Rustic B".

      Anyways, just wanted to say hi! Nice to meet you all, and I look forward to getting to know you bros!!

      peace, yoo