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      Hi folks,

      Do you know the situation, where, you are at work. But there isn't any work to be done, so where do you go? Right here.
      Yesterday I didnt have a proper alt-tab window to register, so hence I only popped up here today, now. HI!!!

      I will admit, Im also a game developer. As a job and as spare time diehard hobby. Naturally I want you guys to check my game out and keys WILL BE given. But, since I am a little confused under which topic this is allowed, I've decided to wait for DanOS to reply my question before posting.

      I hate being that guy, shoving my shitty little game up here. I worked hard on this and so did my team, we're seniors in our field. Pros.
      So I'd like to approach this the same way we made our game, the right way.


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