[IMPORTANT] PewDiePie's Birthday

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    • [IMPORTANT] PewDiePie's Birthday

      Let's make Felix's 27th birthday special. or not.

      :?: Introduction and idea [1] So, as you all know Felix :pewdie: is a human being (I believe), and he has his birthday in about 2 months.
      He is turning 27 even tho he looks like a 35 year old Swedish, retarded sailor sailing on the deep deep bath tub filled with Edgar pee. ( <3 )

      We all know his story, how it all started. He has been entertaining us for the last 6 years and we will never return that effort back to him.
      Making a video or even two or three per day, requires a big amount of skill and takes up a lot of your time.

      I came up with an idea of making a fan video for him (such unique, much idea, very wow) and release it on his 27th birthday.

      :?: What will the video be about? [2]
      The best, funniest, saddest and weirdest moments of the past 6 years of Felix.
      This video will include the most unique moments of that life journey so far.
      Also, an under development idea, 101% unique that no one has ever done for a person before is, fans celebrating Felix's birthday.
      Short clips of fans, wishing/singing happy birthday to our lord. It's up to you if this idea is going to work out or not.

      :?: What I need from you? [3]
      In order to achieve success on this project and finish it before 24th of October (international scumbag day), I need your help.
      I want you to send me the best moments of Felix so far, YOU believe are worth it. Not matter if it's sad, weird or funny, if it has Felix's personality in it, It's something.
      Second and most important favor, I want you to record a short video clip of your self celebrating the 27th birthday of Pewds. You can sign, wish him the best, support him with words, make a drawing and show it to him, shout something like "HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU SWEDISH C*NT" or just give him the middle-finger. And very important, end the video with a brofist :brofist: . Wearing a mask or something covering up your face for privacy reasons is totally understood (Read Privacy).

      You can either upload it on YouTube and send me the link on direct message through twitter, a message on Skype, a private message here on the forums or just post a comment with the link down below [OR] add me on Skype and send me the video there.

      :!: Requirements [4] :

      •Video must not be longer than 30 seconds.
      •As most of you don't have any expert experience on how to shoot a video on a certain resolution, convert it into a different file type or tweak the file size, the only requirement is that the video duration is not exceeding 30 seconds of time. Just make sure the video has an average resolution to a point where it's watchable.
      •Sending a video of yours does not require any personal information although a username would be appreciated.

      :!: Privacy [5] - The video is going to be uploaded on YouTube. By sending me a video of yourself or any content that you poses copyright permissions on, you agree with the following :

      •The video will be uploaded on YouTube.

      •Everyone has access and permission to view it once upon release.
      •You will not take legal actions against the video or any of it's participants when it comes to showing your face or your content on it. (Fair use agreement)
      •The video you are sending is not violating the rules of YouTube. If false, the clip will be declined and not shown on the final release video.

      :brofist: Final words [6] - You need to understand that in order to keep professionalism on a high level, the above requirements were a must to include. We are three people working on this project, two editors and one junior director. Our channel is new, don't judge us by our old video creations, we have tons and tons of private projects that have developed our skills to a point where we can finally announce this project. With your help, we can do this. Let's make Felix proud. #Pewds27thBday

      If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me or post a comment below. I'll answer all serious questions that have to do with this project.

      ElismoFilms : YouTube Channel
      Business E-mail : [email protected]
      Business Skype : Elismo_Entertainment®
      Personal Twitter : @AlexGiallousis

      Disclaimer : The original point of this post is true. Some parts (3-4) contain some offensive language-ish jokes. They are jokes made for entertainment purposes ONLY and not to offend by any mean.
      Forgot to mention, Marzia doesn't know anything about this so shhhhh. :saint: