A Positivity Update!

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    • A Positivity Update!

      Hi everyone! I love Cutiepiemarzia! I watch every video she comes out with, and they always make me feel so much better about life and about myself! Whenever I'm feeling down, or not wanting to put any effort into myself, I just have to watch one of her videos and I instantly feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on the world!

      Since Marzia's got such a positive, happy vibe going on, and since she motivates so many people to focus on their self-care, I thought I'd post this and offer an opportunity for everyone to brag a little bit! So here's the format!!!

      What did you do this week that was good for you? (physically, emotionally or any other way!):

      What's your favorite thing about yourself?:

      What makes you smile? (besides Cutiepie):

      List three goals you're going to give yourself this week!:

      Include a pretty selfie if you want, a piece of artwork, a poem you wrote or any other thing that celebrates who you are! This post is solely for you, so don't feel embarrassed! Appreciating who we are and what we can do to improve ourselves is important, and you shouldn't be ashamed for being happy with who you are!

      And don't forget to watch a cutiepiemarzia video every once in a while. ;) It's my favorite way to get inspired!


      MelancholyHarlequin (some call me Banana) :love:
    • what i did this week : i beat my brother to Death, so satisfied.

      whats my favorite thing : Trevor Phillips

      what makes me smile : Cersei Lannister

      Three goals im gonna do this week : poop on the floor and get yelled at like a puppy, steal a hotdog and eat it in front of poor kids
      and do homework

      A poem verse : tyger tyger burning Bright, in the forest of the night, what immortal hand or Eye, could frame thy fearful symmetry?


      P.S All the comments in this reply are purely saracstic by an arab, Peace.

      a very tremendous Life changing with one instrument <3