Pokemon Go Noob Needs Help!

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    • Pokemon Go Noob Needs Help!

      Hey! So I know this person who totally isn't me who just started Pokemon go. Lets just call her "Noob" cause we don't want to reveal her identity X,D.....

      "Its You Levina" :I

      Goddammit Manny really?!

      "( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Rekt"

      Alright its me, but thats why I am here. I am looking for any tips/tricks/beginners guides. PLEASE ANYTHING PPLZ. I don't even know how to catch them all :c

      ~Save A Noob Today, Reply With Helpful Answers~

    • Don't worry about that! Alright let's get to it:

      If you notice, when you try to catch a Pokemon there's this circle which gets smaller and smaller. If you succeed and catch it with the smallest circle, you get more exp! Also, you get 500 exp per new Pokedex entry, and you can get even more when you use a Lucky Egg. One cool thing is that you can now customize your appearance even after creating your character, just go in the lower left where your character icon is and click, then click in the lower right and click on customize (don't know if it actually says "customize" since I'm translating from the italian version). Really useful stuff? Pokestops! When you visit them you can get Pokeballs and other stuff that may aid you in gym battles and Pokemon catching, also, you can use them again, after a good 5 mins.

      Hope that helped, if you need anything, just PM me ;)

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