Oh, hello there!

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    • Oh, hello there!

      Since I'm new to this forum, I figured I'd introduce myself, because why the hell not.

      I'm (obviously) known here as TheMemelord, but you can also call me Emily or Em. I'm a college freshman who spends most of her spare time getting lost in the great internet labyrinth known as YouTube. I consider myself a casual fan of Pewds (I enjoy his stuff, but I wouldn't label myself as a fangirl or anything of that nature). My favorite YouTube channels include Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Vinesauce, kuledud3, and Cr1t1k4l (a.k.a. penguinz0).

      A few other tidbits about me:
      Lives in: 'Murica.
      Hobbies: Gaming, bowling, travelling, and browsing dank memes
      Likes: Food, fun, and friendship.
      Dislikes: Math, storms, idiots, and those malted milk candy things.
      Favorite food: Either tacos or stir-fry. It's close.
      Favorite video game: Anything from the Animal Crossing series. Or The Sims.
      Worst video game I've played: Margot's Word Brain - a poorly-made Wii game with word puzzles that I got as a Christmas gift one year. Pretty sure it came out of the Walmart bargain bin.

      Anyway, nice meeting all of you and becoming part of yet another Internet community. If you have any questions or comments about me, leave 'em in the thread below! :thumbup:
      :brofist: fan of pewds since 2016 :brofist: