I'm trying to find a particular indie horror game PewDiePie played around 2012

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    • I'm trying to find a particular indie horror game PewDiePie played around 2012

      Hi everyone! I'm looking for a game PewDiePie played a few years ago. Unfortunately, I only remember bits and pieces of it.

      - I'm fairly certain it was an indie game. It had really good graphics though.
      - I think the plot is surrounding your character who is home for the summer and going to your family's cabin.
      - I know you spawn in outside of the cabin, which you must find a way to break into. There is beautiful green grass surrounding the cabin.
      - After getting into the house, you are working your way towards the attic.
      - You eventually find out some people either murdered a bunch of Indians or were murdered by them. I forget which twist.
      - The house is almost an organism in and of itself. The more you progress through the game, the more the house changes. The end of the game takes place in the attic and by that point, there's stuff (maybe vines or something?) all over the walls up there.
      - There are weird, creepy masks that appear and disappear throughout the game.
      - At the very end of the game, I remember this chair in the attic. PewDiePie turns away from it and when he looks back there's someone/something in the chair.

      I hope that's sufficiently vague for all of you lol... Unfortunately, that's basically all I remember. If someone is able to decipher all that nonsense and come up with the game, you're a hero.

      EDIT: Found it. It's Anna.

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