The obligatory introduction, I guess!

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    • The obligatory introduction, I guess!

      Hello fellow brochachos!

      I'm new here, still learning the toils around here. Also I suck at introductions, bear with me, trying my best to let you get a hunch of my personality!

      Short information:
      - Real name wont matter (Mostly because I'm too shy), you can call me though Zombie! Funny story, the name comes from my lack of sleep! As I look like one!

      - 18, actually turning 19 in less than 5 days! (Woooo!!!), attending college (Going into 3rd and last year!!)
      - I spend most of my times playing videogames or watch series.
      - I write small novels that I keep to myself, but I enjoy reading others work! Also books!
      - When I watch a series or read a book, I like to theorize. I theorize everything, almost!

      I guess that's enough about me. I'm eager to know about you bros!
      Seems so mean without smileys. Here's some: <3 <3 <3 :brofist: :brofist: :brofist: :) :) :)