Gunz 2: The Second Duel

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    • Gunz 2: The Second Duel

      Yo pewds,
      Its ya boy trollololWizard101 and i'm bringing to you, a dead game. This is a great game but i wish more people were on the servers, and so i thought if Pewdiepie plays it he could possibly revive the game and have more people playing. Although he most likely wont even read this i just thought it would be a good idea. This game has mixed reviews on steam purely because its been demoted from a fast paced, hack and slash, shooter, to a lobby simulator. It takes like 20 mins to get a game started and the only people that play anymore are pros and people that accidentally stumbled upon it when searching through steam. Anyways ways whether you check it out or not is entirely up to you, i just hope that i can get more than 40 people on server at least once. Ill know you played this once i see a video come out for it, until then... BROFIST :brofist: .


      GunZ 2 aka GunZ: The Second Duel is an online third-person shooting game created by South Korean-based MAIET Entertainment. It is the sequel to 2003's GunZ: The Duel. Gunz 2 began its first closed beta test in Korea in early 2011, however it has yet to be released. Gunz 2 is currently greenlit on Steam via its Greenlight program, and has entered into beta testing on February 17, 2014 via Steam Greenlight. The Steam version of Gunz 2 is available for international players, mainly in North America. The European version of Gunz 2 was hosted during its open beta phase by ProSiebenSat.1 Media. On 15 December 2014 the licensing agreement between MAIET Entertainment and Prosieben ended where MAIET opened a Steam server for the European region.

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