What are some QUALITY free screen recorders?

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    • What are some QUALITY free screen recorders?

      Hey! I am a gaming youtuber just moving away from a old channel. I made alot of mistakes there and even though I had a quite decent following, I have decided to start clean. I used to do a lot of browser typed games but now am moving on to downloadable STEAM HD games. Do you know of any free HD screen recorders I should try? (Windows computer)

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    • I also use OBS cuz you can use it not only for screen recording but it also lets you record your face and lets you stream too.

      If you have more money tho I'd rather you buy FRAPS cuz lots of people with money use FRAPS too

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    • OBS is by far the best, so much better than fraps or bandicam. Don't use FRAPS as it is outdated (only supports 1 codec and 1 audio stream, no dx12 support I think) and too expensive IMO, the only thing it is good for is benchmarking, you can acheive similar recordings with bandicam compared to fraps. OBS is great because you can switch between different modes while recording, while with other recording software you need to stop the recording if you want to record something else. the only bad thing about OBS is you can only record 320kbit/s audio (in bandicam you can record lossless), and there aren't as many available codecs, but it uses x264 which is one of the best codecs anyway so it doesn't matter too much.