Looking for Games but also Galore? Click here and wait no more!

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    • Looking for Games but also Galore? Click here and wait no more!

      Hi! I bet your here for an adventure. A glorious sight. You really like playing games but you look for stories. Ah, yes. I knew it. Well wait no longer, here is my list of some of the most brilliant,beautiful,breath taking games that will keep you entertained for HOURS.

      3. Undertale: This is at number three for well, many reasons. The graphics are not spectacular and the fandom is pretty eh... interesting ... but if you can get past that what lies beneath is a good story. Now don't run my child there are no spoilers here. I am not one to give you a BAD TIME (You see what I mean! You are probably cringing if you know about the puns in this game... "SANS GET BACK TO THE REVIEW!") Anyway.. its basically a game about this girl who wanders out amongst the open world but falls into this mountain. She meets some "monsters" per-say and be-friends and possibly betrays a few. You really have to play this for yourself. Its beautiful to the core when you get down to it though. Truly recommended. If you have not yet seen it due to the flood of fans click here to watch the trailer:

      2.Inside: As of July 2016 this game just recently hit x-box (not yet for PC wait for July 7th peeps!) and has hit our eyes with some of the most beautiful stories I have ever seen. Now this game never really tells the full "story" but rest assured it is still amazing. Without giving too much away this boy is being hunted when he finds something so dark it will almost make you....... play the game to find out yourself. I honestly recommend this game to anyone and everyone. Here is the trailer if you would like to see a bit of the action:

      1. Broken Age. Now that we have gotten past some of the more popular games I need to tell you my all time favorite game. Broken Age. WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN! The graphics, the story, the feels! (Dey real bro) ITS AMAZING. Its basically about this boy named Shay and this girl named Vella. They don't even know eachother.... or do they? PLAY THE GAME! It goes on sale on steam honestly ALL THE TIME. As I write this it is 5.00. Dude 5 dollars for a game that will change your life. PLAY THE GAME! Here is the trailer just to prove how amazing it is:

      Well thats it for now bros! Do you like these games? Which ones your favorite? Make sure to let me know! The more feedback the more I know what to change next time. STAY AWESOME BROS! :brofist: