Looking for Collaboration Partners/Group!

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    • Looking for Collaboration Partners/Group!


      My name is Jared (aka Cthulhu Gamer), and I have a small YouTube channel looking to expand, and meet some new people. I am looking for people to have semi-flexible schedules, and able to record at least once a week,

      Games I am planning to record (All on PC):
      • Garry's Mod
      • Grand Theft Auto V
      • Rocket League
      • Rust
      • Scrap Mechanic
      • Minecraft (Vanilla and Modded)

      If you do want to partner/colab with me, please consider the following recommendations before asking:
      • Decent Computer (ex: FX-6300 3.5 ghz, 8gb ram, GTX 750ti)
      • Decent Microphone (ex: Blue Snowball)
      • Decent Video Editing Program/Skill (ex: Camtasia)
      • Ages 14+
      • Be able to record with people in Mountain Time
      Please leave a reply or message me if you are interested! Thanks!!

      My Channel: CthulhuGamer
      - YouTube