Is this a game or Not - "Liyla and The Shadows of War"

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    • Is this a game or Not - "Liyla and The Shadows of War"

      Is Liyla and The Shadows of War a game 1
        Definitlly its a game (1) 100%
        No its not a game (0) 0%
      Liyla and the shadows of war is a game based on actual events, it tells a story of little girl lives in Gaza during the war in 2014.

      When i submitted to the Appstore they claim its not a game and they consider it a political statement and they told me to put it under the news category.
      After the indie community support Apple Accpted my Game as a Game.

      The story on Polygon
      Palestinian political platformer rejected by Apple App Store, 'not appropriate' for games (update) | Polygon

      The game is very short it will take about 15 minutes to finish it, but it will shock you emotionally.

      Please try it and give me your feedback

      Liyla and The Shadows of War on the App Store