Why do you watch gaming videos on youtube?

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    • Why do you watch gaming videos on youtube?

      We’re a group of students from the IT University of Copenhagen, doing a project about gaming culture. More specifically, we’re interested in the segment of people watching gaming videos on youtube, and the reasoning behind this choice of entertainment. So, assuming you watch gaming videos on youtube, since you´re on this site, we would like you to explain why these videos appeal to you.

      First of all, why do you watch youtube gaming? Is it purely entertainment? Do you watch it to get a higher skill level? Do you watch it before you buy a game? Or something completely different?
      We are well aware that you can have a multitude of reasonings behind this choice of entertainment, and you shouldn’t feel obliged to choose only one. What we’re interested in is your individual reasoning, so if you feel something is important, please write it.

      Secondly, how do you use it? Do you use it as a main source of information, or does the videos serve a purpose closer to being background noise to some other activity? Maybe you like watching it while playing a game yourself?

      What do you feel is the most important part, the person playing, or the game being played? How important is the personality of the entertainer to you?

      Lastly, we would like to know how you find your videos on youtube? This is somewhat in relation to the aforementioned question, but when you try to find a video, do you search for the channel or the game?

      We realize that we’ve asked quite a lot, and would appreciate any type of input from you. You shouldn’t feel obliged to answer every question, but of course, the more detailed an answer the better.
      We hope you’ll take your time to reflect upon your choice of entertainment, any answer will be greatly appreciated!
      Thank you in advance!
    • I watch for entertainment only, Pewdiepie is incredibly funny and creative and I pay all my attention to the videos.
      Same for other Youtube gamers.

      The person is what matters for me. They can be playing anything or even doing something else, I'm there to watch funny comments, reactions and video editing. It's also cool when they show something serious about their lives, travels, events, etc.

      I usually find the videos through youtube suggestions based on what I've been watching before. I may find new gamers I'll like the same way. Another way to find new ones is by seeing them collaborating (playing with) in a video of someone I already follow.
    • Whenever I watch gaming videos, I look for how the person is presenting themselves. Are they using a facecam? Are they doing a no commentary? Is it edited well?

      Of course, the last question varies from person to person, so you get a range of results for that question.

      Back to the point, if the game is interesting, I'll watch it, even if the person doesn't use a facecam
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    • Pure Entertainment, and sometimes if someones stuck at a part in a game its nice to have help from time to time, but creating gaming video's and watching gaming youtube video's just feels great, you get a laugh or two or get to make people laugh and make their day better, and just feels all out better than actual tv in my opinion feel more in depth with what your watching and their average people like anyone else that have talent of making others laugh lol.