How does one gain confidence to be themselves?

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    • How does one gain confidence to be themselves?

      As you know, confidence is something that is a must to have in order to get somewhere in life. Without it, you would probably not be able to get a job, for example, as employers are looking for someone who isn't afraid to speak their mind (in a nice way, that is). However, some people begin to lose confidence when something bad happens to them or someone they care about.

      How would you advise someone who hasn't got a lot of confidence to feel like they can do anything?
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    • It comes with age most times. I've noticed the older you get the more confident you become in different situations because with age you learn that sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get by, no 1 else is going to do it for you and it's not going to do itself. I've worked in retail for years now and when I started you wouldn't catch me dead trying to help a customer with a faulty product, but now 5yrs down the track, if a customer gives me grief I'm able to shut them down with virtually no recourse for them to file a complaint, but I do still often get situations where I'd rather let the manager handle it. This is mainly because I've told myself that I'm a grown man who has a job to do. But this is subjective because confidence can be something someone naturally has or something that's based on different situations. I.e. being myself means having solitude so I'm pretty confident in being myself xD