Predictive Text

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    • Predictive Text

      Okay yet another game. If you're on a phone, use predictive text and see what story you can tell using it. If you're on a PC, now's your chance to be absolutely random and no one is going to care. It's for fun and to see how wacky your phone is. (Or you are)

      RULES: You have to use words.. none of this: skljdhfkjashflkandfkljbxlkc jkasd fkljashfkjh anslkjdnfh ciuswaybergc kjy wsbg fjhscak njfh

      You have to make at least a sentence. No one word stuff.

      I'll begin it. I'm using predictive text on my iPhone. :thumbsup:

      I love you so much fun and addicting but it is a great way of the year and the rest of the year and the first place for the few weeks of school tomorrow and the other hand the whole time in a while.