So how about that intro competition?

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    • So how about that intro competition?

      Anyone else excited/nervous for it? I've always wanted to join one of his competitions but the subscriber limit held me back since I am still small but now that everyone gets a shot and we are 200+ submissions in I am not as confident about my intro as I once was xD Anyways I was just curious on everyone else's thoughts for this competition since there isn't much you can say on the contest thread itself.
    • I kept my intro for the contest simple. I didn't want to overthink it. If I don't get picked.. well no biggie.. I will eventually I am sure.
      If anything, simply posting in the forums here brings you better traffic to your channel.. so personally I think it's a win win. I mean I got 50+ views upon releasing my video within the first 30 minutes.. unheard of for me since I average about 50 views on one video over the course of a month, not in half an hour!

      I wish I was on the first page though.. people got 6k views on those videos. :P Great way to get seen, especially if your content is good! Keep posting to the contests, if anything you'll generate traffic at no cost. :thumbsup:
    • I know there are many, but just remember JackSepticEye if you get discouraged.
      He thought he wouldn't be picked, he got picked, it helped him get seen in search and then people subscribed to him.
      Sometimes all you need is that push and if your content is good, it's going to take off like white on rice.
      Doesn't matter how many subs Pewds sends your way, if your content is crap, they ain't gonna stay.
    • That's great man! I have been around since October, but when I first started, I got a lot of my iFunny people to sub to me, but then my view count wasn't matching my sub count. So either a freak accident happened and they just subbed to shut me up, or some other weird internet magicks happened. Like.. I haven't been able to figure it out.. I did lose half of them though.. turned out to be nearly all dead accounts.. like what the actual F. I got a healthier subscriber base now though. :D
    • (even though this contest is over I still shall put my 2 cents in)
      I also was unable to do quite a few of his other contests due to my own channel being feeble and small, and for the green screen one not having an editing software that allows me to do anything cool.

      I went out of the box with mine, and defiantly failed due to it. I forgot for that moment that people want the same thing, same humor, same weirdness, and I feel like mine was a bit too smart (and maybe even too rushed) to have ever had a chance.

      With that said I still stand by it and was sad pewds will never see it because I wanted to appeal to what I think of when someone says Pewdiepie, horror. pewds now a days is tainted by the weird "daddy, brofist me" and other strange things
      (this isn't necessarily a bad thing, people evolve and pewds has cornered the market and puts out exactly what people want, you can see it in his views)
      However when I first started watching it was about horror, and barrels. So that is what I built mine around.
      Hey, maybe one day he will see it and go "wow, this sucks" on that day I will be at peace with the video, because at least I tried to honestly make something original.