Arrange the Sentence

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    • Arrange the Sentence

      Hello everyone! So I have got a game for you. I am going to supply a sentence. You must make a new sentence(s) from it.
      Simple Example: (Not to be used) - How's it going bros, my name is Pewdiepie!
      Someone would put: How's it going Pewdiepie, my name is Rob S!
      I'll give you all some better material to work with. You are only allowed to use the words, individual letters, and punctuation provided.
      So make sure you pay close attention!

      How's it going bros, my YouTube username is LittleJayBerry, and I like to take take videos of long walks in the park, as well as play on my iPhone as I do so..
    • LittleJayBerry is my YouTube username, I do so play on my iPhone, as well as I like to take, take videos of long walks in the How's it going bros, and park as..

      idk if I did it right, but eh

      The field trip was ruined when the gates of hell opened; today wasn't going to be a great day. That much, I knew... dammit.
      I'd rather live with broken bones than lay here all on my own like a lovesick fool.

      If you need me, visit my about me section on my profile for my skype contact.