Any advice/opinions?

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  • Any advice/opinions?

    Hey guys, so I am facing a bit of a dilemma. So I decided to change the structure of the content I produce for my channel about a month ago from let's plays to commentaries of cringy/weird stuff on the internet (of course with gameplay playing in the background). What I noticed is that I have been getting a lot less views but a lot more engagement from my subscribers, I noticed how my subscribers seems to be coming back a lot more cause they genuinely enjoy the content, but it does not compliment the amount of views I used to be getting. Just curious, what are your guys thoughts on this? And any advice you can give a fellow Youtuber? Thanks in advance M8s, Bros, Bro-ets <3 :brofist:
    Hey M8s, Bros, Bro-ets. I am a commentator that finds the most weirdest, cringe-worthy shit you can ever find online. If you want to be entertained, you can do so over here. Just remember to have your future funeral plans ready, as you'll be entering a world of UTTER CRINGE. Oh and I nearly forgot, the Royalty-Free Ukulele is banned over here. 8)
  • community > views in pretty much all cases imo. It's great getting way more views but interacting with your community is way more important than any view ever. It makes you build a solid and rock hard fan base that loves you no matter what you do.

    I think that's really what matters on YouTube.