What is the best way to gain real audience without help?

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    • What is the best way to gain real audience without help?

      I have thought about it a lot. Small youtubers without any help and luck probably will never get big.

      The problem? 95% of their audience is other youtubers that care about their own channel and growth and bigger youtubers probably gain subs from shoutouts. So you see people with 50k Subs and 500 views per video, only their shootout vids gaining few thousands. This mostly applied to males. :P

      Also ruining viewer retention watching 5 seconds and commenting the classic: nice video! Sub to my channel.

      What is the solution to escape this pointless road and gain non youtubers Subs if you are not lucky to have connection?

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    • Nobody knows, this is what makes it fun and it also makes it beautiful. The success on youtube isn't something you can figure out because ultimately it is based on how people like you, connect with you and how you like them and connect with them. What relationship you have with them and what relationship you have with yourself. It's based on free will, coincidence, soul and your heart....things you can't force...it's very basic human thing. It's not a strategy. Nobody knows HOW to MAKE IT work or HOW to make a viral video.
    • It's a difficult thing friend =) I happen to think that what I do is pretty impressive, & I haven't seen anyone on this site that does what I do. But it took me about 2 years to get to 1k subs. I'm an unattractive introverted nerdy male who isn't very emotional. So it's hard for me to act like a lot of people that are pretty famous on YouTube. I know what you're saying about people that are like "Wow! Amazing video! I subscribed please subscribe back ;)" & I'm like " Yeah... No thanks" I don't think that they realize it actually hurts your channel to have subscribers that don't watch your videos.
    • I'd say just try to be yourself, because who you are is unique. Don't look try to act like other YouTubers or feel like you need to be a certain way to get views and subs. Because, in the end, you should be making videos because you enjoy it, not to become the next "big thing." I also guarantee you'll be much happier if you're not too focused on subscribers and analytics. Besides, as long as you continue to put the effort in and show people how committed you are, you will definitely grow bigger. "Build it, and they will come." :)

      Anyway, in short, don't stress too much about it. As long as you have fun with it, you'll grow. :D
    • Yeah I know why I do YouTube and it is really fun being my exaggerated self (to be entertaining). But also like to grow and become better, either taking about skill or subscribers anything small is motivating.

      Also about the stress to grow its more in my personality to work hard and become a little bit better than yesterday. I see many people trying in sneaky ways or paying bigger YouTubers secretly for shootout so it makes me feel a bit sad that YouTube is a smaller version of our world. From fake prank videos to creepy youtubers exploiting their fame with minors. Make you sometimes think if you should just give in and join them because they see success and you don't.

      In my work I saw the exact same thing, sneaky ways to scam people and make fast money, but where are the values? Even if they succeed do they feel proud of themselves? For me its not about succeed and become rich, famous whatever. (in life or as YouTuber) I want to succeed to prove myself that I can work hard to achieve my goals the right way. Until I can't anymore. :)
    • To me, YouTube is a hobby. It's a hobby where I can feel free to do whatever I want, even if it's sitting in front of the laptop for hours. It's where I can finally be myself and show the world how crazy I can be, even though I'm a shy person in real life. I enjoy making videos for my audience and interacting with them.

      Those people who have done wrong to the YouTube community are frowned upon. They may be successful, but no one looks up to them.
    • I think all you can do is keep producing good quality videos on a regular basis, and eventually the people genuinely interested in your channel will start subscribing. I know how you feel as a lot of my subs are also creators, but I think that's good in a way as we can be a nice little community that supports each other as we grow! I do have a few subs that are 'non YouTubers' as you say, and all I do with my channel is regularly upload good quality (I hope!) content. Hope I helped a little!
    • I have been searching an answer to that question for years. Even semi-viral video didn't help as much as I though. Most of the time people just upload videos and pretend and hope someone is watching so I guess either a lot of youtubers keep their secrets with their Mexicans in the secret closet or the other obvious answer, they use magic.
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    • SteliosGame wrote:

      Well yeah of course many have some great secrets for sure success why would they share them? I'm sure most of them have the factor of having even a small following so they can work though.

      Even if you have a potentially viral video probably other small youtubers like you wouldn't share it for exposure like non-youtubers would.
      I've never said they should share them but even if they have super secret , timing is everything and probably those "secrets" wouldn't work out now in 2016. So you accept people wouldn't share their "secret" but you are basically asking people to give their "secrets" that works in 2016 :) It's not like I have any secrets, it just seemed ironic. I hope you find one though.
      Funny and kind of funny videos in one channel, can you believe it?!
      - YouTube
    • SteliosGame wrote:

      Well yeah the "be yourself" by now is obvious I don't think there are a lot of people faking otherwise they would get bored really soon if they are not big. Well except some people that are evil and pretend to be friendly and treat you like bro. Mostly if they want collab from bigger youtubers. Face brofist ;) :brofist:
      It's true that some people want to collab with bigger people only, and those people will either realize that they should look within their own range, or they'll never learn.
      But like I said, Collaboration really is the only real way nowadays.
      If you enjoy another creators content, talk with them.
      But I got to admit, what you said about the 5 second view and then commenting "Sub to me pls" shit really is freaking annoying.
      But, they themselves are also trying their best to succeed, although it's not the most practical.

      In the end, everybody wants their channel to grow.
      And to tackle your last point:

      "What is the solution to escape this pointless road and gain non youtubers Subs if you are not lucky to have connection?"

      Make the connections. Talk to people.
      Some YouTubers are lucky to already have major connections even before starting their channel, and others don't.
      Heck, you can even look at the shout out competition, there are lots of creators that would want to work together. IF you are with a network, look at the network's forum.
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    • Yeah Killing I guess these things always change. Mostly with what is trending but I would feel just like a follower if I just do videos or challenges because they are popular.

      And yes Jjust they see big sub change when they do that and think they become popular. About the connection it would be hard because even if you are legit person bigger youtubers will always think you are talking to them to gain some of their fame. And if you are unfortunate to live in a country where YouTube is not developed, you can't meet these people and prove them wrong.

      Lastly, never joined network never actually needed. I would only join Pewdiepie's if I'm lucky to get picked from the competition :D
    • It's actually possible to gain views and subscribers without getting any shoutout from a big YouTuber or collabing with fellow content creators. I've never gotten any shoutout nor have I collabed with anyone on YouTube, but I managed to get bigger because some of my videos (kind of) exploded in views (compared to the rest of my videos) because they got recommended in other related videos. Of course it's not an instant process. The only tip I can share is to keep making good-quality videos. You'll never know which one of them might end up in the recommended section. Usually the one that we least expect to gain views is the one that will gain the most views. Also, the good thing about this is that you know the people who subscribed to you did so because they enjoy your videos, not because someone else is telling them to :thumbup:
    • These are quite great tips Raffee! (God the dog on your profile is so fluffy xD )

      I have heard also about the recommended videos that the more people you add on your featured channels the more chances you have to get featured on their channels ( I suppose they must have close sub total with you to work?) Does anyone know more about this? I don't remember where I saw but I think it was legitimate source.
    • Title, Tags, Description, Engaging content. Put relevant tags accordingly to what your video is about. No point making a cute cat video and adding the tag ''brofist''. Try to think of titles and tags where there isn't so much competition from other creators, but still has some decent traffic. Also if you put the best titles, tags and description that puts you on the top of the search results but your content is shit and not engaging, your video will end up having the lowest watch time compared to your competition, ultimately putting you down the search results. That's my advice hope it helps :)
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