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    • I had a boyfriend spill an entire cup of coffee across my keyboard. It broke the keyboard so we had to order a new one from China~ BUT the computer has been fine for over a year now.
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    • Boy, I have been through a lot of fuck ups. Spilling several liters of water all over my mouse, keyboard and computer, covering my keyboard in tea on numerous occasions, drenching my mousepad/mouse in soda. But one of my biggest "what the fuck"'s that I have had happened today. Yesterday me and a friend of mine took my prebuilt HP computer, bought a new graphics card, power supply, and case. So we started trashing the old prebuilt computer, taking out all the parts, and putting them all into the new case. Now everything worked fine, or so I thought. We played a few games, saw how hard we can push it (it's great btw!), until I tried to plug something into the front USB 3.0 ports of my new, beautiful and sexy NZXT S340 case. So I've sat for almost this entire day trying to solve it with different things that has worked for others, until I found a guy who did the EXACT same thing as me 10 months ago (Prebuilt HP computer, bought the same case as me, front USB ports not working). And he told me that the assholes at HP constructed their motherboard so that the pins connecting the USB 3.0 ports to the motherboard are totally different from any other in the world than HP's own, just to prevent people like me from using their products and upgrading my PC. So that's kind of shitty. At least the computer kicks ass though! So yeah, fuck HP :D :brofist:

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    • Mine is when I was watching a video on YouTube with a very old laptop. I was drinking some tea that time until something funny happened in the video. I tried holding in my laughter but I failed and ended up spraying tea all over the laptop, causing it to malfunction and shutdown. Because of that, my dad had to get a new laptop (Yes, I was using his laptop as it was the only one the house has back then) XD.
    • Well then let's see now. Well, mid editing, my cat decided to walk under my feet, and i broke rule 1 of ANY work employee. ALWAYS SAVE. so anyway, my cat, lovely cat he is, Tigger is his name...walks under my feets, tickles me, i flick my toe right into the reset button...and thus...all my hard work...gone...sufficed to say, my cat and i didnt speak for days...
    • Oh i have a real funny one XD We were building my mate a custom PC but for some reason two of the fans where not working, i was on my pc trying to google a solution, when my other friend decides to have a play around with the wires while the PC is still on. This causes smoke to start coming out of the pc and a nice burning smell. Turns out he had just fried the LED's in the case and the pc still worked fine, but it freaked us out at the time xD