Are there any actual good horror games in the making?

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    • Are there any actual good horror games in the making?

      G'day my fellow bros,

      Recently I went back through some Poods' old horror playthroughs and I gotta say that I really wish I could see some similar moments for the up and coming games, but of course a few more minds are better than one. Discuss what up and coming horror games you think should be played, and perhaps put in a jumpscare montage in the near future. I know we all love to see Poods legitimately shit his dacks! so help us out to find these games and get senpai to notice them!!!!


    • Allison Road

      It has gorgeous graphics and is focusing on making an immersive story. A dev team over in Europe is working on it. I am unsure if I can link it but if you google the name you can see some screenshots. There is a young girl that presents a threat but it isn't the typical cute girl and run type game. They say the story will play a big part too.
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    • Sup Mexi,

      A game i would recommend is Resident Evil 7! They've completely changed the gameplay in this game, it's not a Zombie Survival Shooter anymore! It's a freaking horror game, you should check some gameplay/trailers about it to get a better view of it!
      I've been a great fan of all the RE games and this one is quiet unique but still loving it! :'D
      Didn't see any shooting yet but RE 1 was very scary plus it had shoot (much and much Jumpscares....) so i'm not saying it won't have shooting in it but probably not much if you see some gameplay!

      Kind regards,
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